July 19, 2016 from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

While making great progress on completing all committed deliverables, we also identified a major registration related gap during final workflow review last week. We are now assessing the cost and impacts for the registration support. Stay tuned for more details.

WW29 Progress Report:

  • OMBU completed all committed documents, including roles permission, data model, and site map per plan.
  • We had a very successful 1st IT stakeholder meetings with good attendance. We reviewed and clarified all stakeholders’ comments in the workflow document. Also, we provided stakeholder’s comments to OMBU to make necessary changes to the software design.
  • We identified a major gap during our final workflow review with OMBU. We need to input registration data from Forms Database to CRM database to streamline the registration/application process. We are now assessing the cost and impacts to the overall schedule.

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