Aug 17, 2016 from Peter

August 17, 2016 from Peter





by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

I am back from vacation and will continue to publish the project progress this week.

While making progress on finalizing the design documents, we also encountered some OMBU resource and communication challenges that limited our progress. After a quick meeting, Sarah and OMBU’s CEO agreed on ways to address these issues. Stay tuned for more details later.

WW33 Progress Report:

  • OMBU completed all high level software design documents for final reviews.
  • We collected and resolved all review comments from stakeholders on both workflow and roles/permission documents. This implies both Workflow and Roles/Permission documents are complete and locked.
  • Resolved a critical usability issue with OMBU by deferring the Sitemap effort until the web UI design is complete. This will allow us to freely redesign the new website without being limited by the Sitemap .
  • Stakeholders are reviewing the Data Model and Feature & Requirements to make sure critical data and functions are supported.
  • Sarah and OMBU CEO reached agreements on how to address current OMBU resource and communication challenges in order to keep the IT project on track again. OMBU is now taking actions to address these issues, including adding more resources to this project.

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