August 30, 2016 from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We are making good progress this week. We are on track to resolve all remaining issues,for this phase, by the end of August. Also, we reached agreements with OMBU on the revised execution plan for next phase, CRM and IT Tool.

WW33 Progress Report:

  • We have received and resolved all comments on Workflow from all stakeholders.
  • Had multiple sessions with OMBU and addressed most remaining comments/issues, including non-hierachical place, routes as  activities, group roles, historical waiver records, grades for different seasons, group hierarchical permissions, etc.)
  • Both Workflow and Data Model will be published for public access next week.
    Our next phase is CRM & IT Tool development. We need to migrate historical data into Salesforce Database based on the data objects.
  • We will work with OMBU to come up with a template to define common formats for data migration.

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