October 11, 2016 from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We are making great progress on the CRM & IT Tool Software Development this week.  OMBU successfully demonstrated and deployed their Sprint 1 software release last week. Additionally, we recruited beta testers, established the test environment, defined the test process with OMBU, and started validating the software. Overall, the software is running well, most of defects uncovered are considered minor issues or usage suggestions.

WW41 Progress Report:

  • OMBU successfully demonstrated their first CRM (Sprint 1 release) software running under Salesforce to Sarah and I in OMBU’s new office building last Thursday.  The software supports features for Contact/Account creation, editing, and displaying.
  • We recruited Beta testers for validating CRM software, that include all staff members (who will be using the CRM app) and tech-savvy CRM/Database developers (including Wei Chiang and Matt Blecharz). This should give us great test coverage for the CRM software.
  • We worked with OMBU and established the test environments, set up up Beta Testing Accounts, wrote  Validation Instructions, and defined Defect Submission Report file.
  • So far, we have identified 35 defects (some of them are duplicates).  Overall, the software is running well, most of defects are considered minor issues or usage suggestions.