October 31 Update from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We are continuing to move forward on the CRM & IT Tools Software. We are currently Beta-Testing Sprint 2. Steps taken over the last few weeks:

  • Accepted Sprint 1 with minor defects. These defects will be addressed with OMBU over the next few weeks.
  • OMBU demonstrated the Sprint 2 release on Oct. 27, and deployed the software to the staging site on Oct. 28.
  • We are now beta-testing the Sprint 2 features, including memberships, groups, opportunities, and campaigns.
  • We have identified some minor bugs in Sprint 2, in addition to one major functionality challenge.
  • We will be providing OMBU with a detailed bug defect report by end of day on Wednesday, Nov. 2.
  • With what we have currently identified in Sprint 2, we are expecting to be able to sign off on Sprint 2 with only minor defects.

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