December 6 Update From Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We are making great progress on both Sprint 2 and Sprint 3 software this week:

  • All major defects reported for the Sprint 2 release have been fixed and mostly verified. The only remaining fix to be verified by Mazamas is defect#19717: “when a Member’s Membership is soon to expire, a Membership Renewal Campaign will start automatically.”
  • The Sprint 3 release supports most committed features well without major issues. Thanks for a great effort from OMBU to complete features on time and fix major defects per plan. The test case and instruction videos from OMBU were very helpful for Beta Testing Sprint 3.
  • There are some outstanding Mail Chimp Synchronization and Customization Issues. The solution for the customization issues relate to email authorship and can be solved via a form submission of email text data from Email Authors instead of a direct login to MailChimp.

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