January 20, 2017 Update from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

Completed sprint 5 beta test and submitted defects.  The S5 features are working well as expected.   At the same time, we uncovered some CRM issues after extensive testing and feedback from staffs.   The issues include how to handle diverse team activity instances across Mazamas programs (e.g.; BCEP, ICS, RTM, & Outing), how to resolve some usage issues, and fixing remaining CRM defects.

Held a meeting with OMBU to go over the above issues and reached agreements to address these issues within two weeks.    As a result, we also agreed to extend the CRM phase for a couple of weeks (target completion date: February 7th) in order to build a solid, usable software foundation for future phase software development.

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