February 3, 2017 Update from Peter Tung







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We are making great progress to finish up CRM Development Phase this week.

  • OMBU completed most new feature improvements for CRM Development Phase.  Also, they fixed some outstanding defects and deployed the software this Monday (1/30/2017) per plan.
  • Engaged with Beta Testers for final Beta Testing. Initiated a work session this Monday to go over the final improvements/major defects as well as addressed some technical questions.
  • Completed the final testing, including the validating new improvements, retesting existing defects, and identifying regression tests by running through Sprint 1–5 test cases.
  • Submitted New defects to OMBU. We are ready to move to next phase early next week while waiting for OMBU to continue fixing outstanding CRM defects.

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