February 21, 2017 Update from Sarah Bradham

This is an exciting week for the project! Today several members of our team met with the OMBU staff to kick-off the next phase of the project. This next phase is the WEBSITE phase of the project and is where we get to start designing the next iteration of the Mazama website.

Phase I: CRM & IT Tools, was all about building the brains of the the Mazama database that will drive the enhanced functionality of the new Mazama website.

The kickoff meeting for the Website Phase is where we took everything we learned from the Discovery and Build Validation process, and added it to what we created in the CRM & IT Tools Phase to help inform what the new Mazama website will look like.

We started by talking about what is working and not working the current Mazama website. Information on what is working/not working comes from:

  • Discussions with key volunteers and committee leads during the Discovery Phase
  • Google Analytics data
  • Recurring questions that staff and volunteers receive regarding website navigation

Then we discussed the enhanced functionality this new site will have and identified new features we will be adding to the site, and from there we came up with a proposed site map.

Next week OMBU will provide us with an updated version of the site map based on what they heard from the Mazamas in this kickoff meeting.

The CRM & IT Tools Phase of the project is almost complete with fewer than 10 system bugs that need to be fixed.

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