April 7, 2017 Update From Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We made excellent progress on all fronts this week.

For the Web UX Design, we held a face to face meeting to finish up our UX requirements discussion. The discussion covered the UX requirements for most User Personas Feature Hierarchy for Site Visitor, Site User, Volunteer, Participant, and Leaders. In addition, we had a group Homepage sketching exercises for both Mobile and Desktop UX to provide our feedback on what to display. Also, OMBU kicked off internal mood board design this week.  They also requested Web Design styles, photography assets, and Mazamas logos for the mood boards of the new website.

On the Data Migration front, we are making great progress to provide selected historical data to validate the solution. No blockers. We are on track to complete Data Migration work by April 20.

On the CRM software, OMBU created a demo video for the Volunteer Job to show how to easily create shifts, assign shifts and report hours.  We will review the video and make a decision whether to officially approve the final CRM phase acceptance.

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