April 14, 2017 Update From Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We continue to make good progress on Web UX Moodboard review, Data Migration, and CRM software this week.

Major Status Update:

  • The PM at OMBU to support our project left the company last week.   A new PM has been hired to take over our project in May.   In the mean time, An experienced PM at OMBU is now on board to smooth the transition.
  • For the Web UX Design, Sarah provided final wireframe review feedback for Sprint 6 to OMBU this week after reviewing and collecting feedback from staff members. This set of wireframes focused on general layout and design, including what elements we wanted to have on the home page and the basic look of internal pages.
  • We also had a face to face meeting to review two different moodboard concepts from OMBU that cover colors, fonts, buttons, and photo treatments. The review went well with Mazama stakeholders providing feedback to OMBU this week.
  • On the Data Migration front, we completed our initial data input, froze the data migration spreadsheet, and are waiting for OMBU to complete the initial data curation work and recommend potential changes. Target Completion Date is April 20.
  • For the CRM software: we reviewed the OMBU’s demo video for the Volunteer Job to show how to mass creating shifts, assigning shifts and reporting hours.  Due to the PM transition, we will postpone the approval the final CRM phase acceptance until the new PM is more up to speed.

Personnel Changes:

  • OMBU had a staffing change that will resulted in the Mazamas being assigned a new OMBU Project Manager.
  • Until the new PM is designated, the head OMBU PM will be managing our project.
  • When the new PM is chosen, we will work with OMBU to appropriately onboard the new PM.

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