Update from Sarah: April 21, 2017

We are moving our way further into visual design and functionality of the new website. OMBU decided to combine Sprints 7 & 8 as the elements of these sprints naturally fit together. This meant a bigger than normal set of wireframes to review, but a significant amount of excitement around where we are headed with the site.

Sprint 7

The wireframes for Sprint 7 focused on the how to log in, sign up for a user account, join the Mazamas, renew your Mazama membership, and user profiles. The highlights of sprint 7:

  • Anyone who wants to participate in a Mazama event or activity will need to create a user account.
  • Required information for a user account will be email address, first name, last name, and a password
  • You will have the option to create a user account by utilizing a social login if desired. This means you can choose to login with Facebook or Google if preferred.
  • Once a user creates an account they will be encouraged to complete more of their user profile, and, if they request a glaciated peak badge and are not yet a Mazama member, they will be encouraged to join.
  • Creation of a user account is a two-step process to ensure security. A new user will sign up and then will need to confirm their email address via a link that was sent to their email. Once they click on that link they can complete the account creation.
  • To join the Mazamas, a user will be guided through a three-step process: create a user account, verify summitting a glaciated peak, and then select a membership type and pay.
  • When a current Mazama member logs into the new site they will no longer see the Join option, instead they will see a Renew tab. Clicking on this renew tab will show the member the status of their membership, including their join date.
  • When the membership renewal period approaches, the Renew tab will become more prominent and a member will be guided through the renewal process.
  • All users will have profiles. Profiles will contain contact information, join information, badges earned, volunteer information, activity history, and upcoming activities/classes.

Sprint 8

The wireframes for Sprint 8 centered around the home page design, the donate/give user experience, and search results.

  • In designing our new home page we are working to ensure we have an engaging and active experience for the user.
  • The main tabs on the home page will be: Education, Activities, Community, and Get Involved.
  • Additional high level navigation will include: About Us, Calendar, Search, Join, Give, Volunteer, and Login.
  • Further down the page we will include a What’s Happening section to show the user what is coming up with the Mazamas.
  • We’ll have a section to do a callout of certain high-level events/activities.
  • Education will have a presence further down on the home page, followed by history, and community and stewardship.
  • The end of the home page will entice the user to join the Mazamas.
  • The giving experience is designed to be easy to use and will have the option of monthly giving.
  • Search results are going to be pretty amazing. When you search you will be able to filter your results by type: All, Activities, Events, Education, and groups.

That wraps up Sprints 7 & 8. We will be reviewing the wireframes and providing feedback, with a deadline of May 3 to have all feedback submitted.

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