Update from Sarah: April 26, 2017

Today we had a conference call with OMBU to go over questions we have regarding our staffing change. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition of the project from our current PM to the new PM. In order to do that we brought together our team to have a conversation about potential challenge points.


  • Peter Tung, Mazama IT Project Manager
  • Danielle Kulczyk, OMBU Project Management Lead
  • Martin Rio, OMBU Principal
  • Sarah Bradham, Mazamas Director of Marketing & Communications

Questions covered:

  • How dos the OMBU team work together at OMBU for UX Development Phase? Goal: To better understand how the UX lead, visual lead, and project manager work together during this phase, and who to report information to from the Mazama side.
  • What feedback is critical that OMBU would expect from the Mazamas during the UX phase? Goal: To nail down exactly what OMBU needs from the Mazamas during each sprint of this phase.
  • What is the Beta Test Process for UX Development Phase? Goal: To better understand how beta testing releases will happen during the UX phase.
  • What is the OMBU transition plan for getting the new PM up to speed on the project? Goal: To better understand OMBU’s internal process for onboarding the new PM, and to understand the timeline of when the project will be transitioned to the new PM. Also to identify the reporting structure during this time of transition.

This call was successful and the Mazamas feel cautiously optimistic as we move forward with our transition plan and reporting for the UX phase.



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