May 5, 2017 Update From Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We are making solid progress on Web UX Visual Design & Data Migration despite the OMBU Staffing transition this week.

Major Status Update:

  • The new OMBU Program Manager, Henry Leineweber, to support our project, was officially on board this week. He is getting up to speed on our project while an experienced PM, Danielle Kulczyk, at OMBU, is helping out the transition. We are working closely with OMBU to minimize the potential negative impacts caused by this transition.
  • Visual Design: Sarah collected and provided final sprint 7 & sprint 8 wireframe feedback to OMBU this week per plan. This implies both sprint 7 & 8 are complete.  Also, we had a face to face meeting for UX sprint 9 collaborative session this week. We collaborated and defined elements and layout for the education landing page, and the who we are page, to better reflect Mazamas’ need and seed OMBU’s UX work.
  • Data Migration: OMBU is completing final testing internally this week.  No blockers have been identified.  Target completion date is on May 11.  Afterwards, we can continue to migrate additional historical data, using the current spreadsheet, into the database.
  • CRM: Due to the PM transition, we will postpone the approval the final CRM phase acceptance until the new PM is fully up to speed to address the remaining issues.

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