May 16, 2017—Update from Sarah

Over the last few weeks we have reviewed Sprints 7 & 8 and started into the Visual Design phase of the project.

You can review the scope of Sprints 7 & 8 here:

Sprint 7 Notes

  • Social Login: We are including social media login options for our new website; however users will be encouraged to create a standard account
  • Waiver: When a user signs up for their first activity with the Mazamas they will be directed to sign the universal Mazama waiver. This waiver will be in place for one year and will apply to all Mazama activities/education programs.
  • Join Process: We are streamlining our Join process to be more automatic with a double-check of criteria on the backend.
  • Pro-Rated Memberhip: We are reviewing the option of pro-rated memberships.
  • Renewal: When a member is logged into the site and they are getting close to the membership renewal period, they will get a visual indicator on the site that they should renew now.
  • User Profile: All site users, i.e. anyone who creates an account, will have the opportunity to create a user profile. This profile will include:
    • Contact Information
    • Personal Bio
    • Non-Mazama Training and Activities
    • Mazama Badges Earned
    • Mazama Activities
    • Mazama Volunteer Hours
    • The user will be able to determine which of these fields are publicly vieweable to other site users; an activity leader will always be able to see the user information that is relevant to the activity regardless of whether the information has been made public

Sprint 8 Notes

  • The Home Page is designed to heavily utilize photography with a large “hero” image.
  • We will have a What’s Happening section just above the fold that will allow us to highlight timely information
  • Climbing Education, Mazama History, and Stewardship & Advocacy will all be highlighted as you scroll down through the home page
  • We are tweaking the donation pages to provide a very streamlined, easy to use donor experience for anyone interested in supporting the Mazamas
  • The site search feature will be very robust and will provide your search results by category to make it easier to find the answer you are looking for.

Home Page Comps

The initial comps of the Home Page design were presented on May 10. This was our second presentation within the Visual Design phase, with the first focusing solely on the mood boards, i.e. colors, fonts, etc … The initial comps for the Home Page were not in line with what we had been hoping for with regards to our new website presence. Visual Design feedback was due on May 17, but we provided feedback on May 12 as we knew this rejection of the first round of comps might add extra time to the project. We are meeting with the OMBU team on May 18 to go over Sprint 9 and also to provide very detailed, in-person feedback on the home page comps to get us steered in the right direction for our new design.


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