June 22, 2017 Update from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We continue to make great progress on Web UX Visual Design & Data Migration this week. However, the project schedule for our targeted Jan 2018 product launch is at risk. OMBU will propose and review a new work plan to bring in the schedule next week.

  • Data Migration: OMBU has fixed most problems reported by us during the Data Migration validate. New Data Migration Software has been deployed and executed.   Also, OMBU is committed to doing 4 addtional rounds of Data Migration (Aug 17, Oct 17, Dec 17, Jan 18) to capture most recent data and fix problems before our product launch in Jan 2018.
  • Web Ux Design: OMBU has completed their Home Page Redesign and it was well received by Mazamas stakeholders. The final Mazamas feedback was provided to OMBU.
  • Overall Project Schedule: OMBU has delayed the launch schedule to Feb 2018 (one month after the target product launch date). OMBU is working on plans to pull the schedule in.  We will review the new plan on June 27, 2017.

Let’s Talk About Badges

by Sarah Bradham

If you have been following along with the Mazamas new IT Project and website you have probably heard the word badges. But what are badges and how are they going to be used? And why do you care?

Badges will be front and center in our new website and will drive much of the way you interact with the Mazamas moving forward. They are designed to be not only extremely functional but a fun way for you to track your involvement at the Mazamas and share your skills, education, and awards with others.

Types of Badges

There will be a variety of types of badges. Currently, we have Activity, Awards, Education, Leader Education, Outside Course, Qualification, Recognition, and Skill Badges.

How do you Get Badges?

Badges will primarily be earned through Mazama activities and classes, but they can also be earned by taking non-Mazama courses that are relevant to Mazama activities, as well as more administrative tasks such as completing a required form.

How will Badges be Used?

There are multiple objectives to employing the badge system:

  1. It lets you, as the site user, track your involvement with the Mazamas
  2. It lets the Mazamas verify that you have the skills for a certain activity or class
  3. It lets the Mazamas track that you have completed required tasks, such as leader training or volunteer training

That’s the nuts and bolts of it, but I’m sure you are all wondering how will this really work in practice? Let’s start with a couple of examples:

Applying for a Climb

Let’s say someone wants to climb Middle Sister. A Middle Sister climb is on the climb schedule and the prerequisites indicate that you need the Basic Snow (Skill Badge) badge in order to apply for the climb.

  • Case 1: Joe Smith took BCEP several months prior and as a result was awarded the Course: BCEP (Education) badge as well as the Basic Rock (Skill) and Basic Snow badges. Since Joe has the required badge he can apply for the climb.
  • Case 2: Jane Doe hasn’t take BCEP with the Mazamas, but she took a beginning mountaineering course with NOLS. She sees the Middle Sister climb on the calendar but it is greyed out as she doesn’t have the required skills to apply. But she sees an “apply for badge” link. She clicks on that link and applies for the Basic Snow badge because she feels the NOLS class provided her equivalent experience. Her application is reviewed and she is granted the Basic Snow badge. Jane can now apply for the climb.

Qualification Badges

Activities and volunteer roles also require other, more administrative, qualifications in order to participate. We are also tracking these requirements through badges.

  • Waiver Badge: To participate in any Mazama Activity you must sign a Mazama waiver. Whether it is a hike, climb, course … a waiver is required. You probably are familiar with signing a waiver every single time you do an activity. But no more! To participate in a Mazama Activity you must have an account on the new Mazama website. When you go to sign up for your first Mazama Activity, you will be asked to review and sign the Mazama waiver. Once the waiver is signed, you can then register for an activity because you will have the Waiver Badge.
  • Volunteer Orientation: All Mazama volunteers need to go through a Mazama Volunteer Orientation in order to sign up for a volunteer shift. Once you complete that orientation you will receive the Volunteer Orientation badge which will allow you to sign up for a volunteer shift.
  • Background Check: If you want to volunteer for an activity that involves kids, you will have to have a background check. Once the background check is complete, you will receive a background check badge (this is one of the only badges that will always be private, i.e. it won’t show up on your profile even if you make the badges portion of your profile public)


Volunteerism: When your volunteer hours tick up past a certain number, we can award you badges, such as 100 hours, 200 hours, 500 hours, 1000 hours. It’ll be a great addition to your profile.

Awards: Have you climbed the Guardian Peaks with the Mazamas? Or hiked 250 miles? Based on your Mazama Activity history we will be able to award you these pages when you reach milestones.

Leadership: If you are a Mazama hike, climb, or outings leader you will have the appropriate badge on your profile. These leadership badges will allow you to do certain things, such as schedule a climb or hike.

There is a lot more to it than that, but this provides you with a broad overview of how the badge system will work. We have designed it to be flexible enough to allow for individuals outside of the traditional Mazama system to be able to easily participate in our activities by providing documentation of their training level. As well as to track your entire history of involvement with the Mazamas so you can quickly look back and see what you have done.

Questions? Please ask!

June 16—Update from Sarah

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, and we are thrilled to be making some major progress on the project.

CRM, Data Migration, and Home Page Design

We have instituted a new sign off policy so that all phases must be signed off by the Mazamas and OMBU. These three key phases were completed on June 9.

  • OMBU completed the minor tweaks that were needed for the Mazamas to sign off on the CRM Phase. CRM Phase is now complete.
  • OMBU completed a second data migration to test the new scripts. This data migration was 90% accurate and we signed off on the Data Migration with several defects noted that will be fixed on the next round of data migration. [Note: We will have three more rounds of data migration prior to launch]
  • The Mazamas reviewed and signed off on the second version of the Home Page comps. This allows work to proceed on finalizing the home page design and beginning the process of designing the internal pages.

Heroku Connect: How our Salesforce CRM will sync with our website

When we had initially scoped our project, OMBU was going to build a custom tool that would sync our CRM with our website. At the time this custom solution was our best option, and although somewhat expensive to build and maintain. However, over the last few months OMBU became aware of a Salesforce product called Heroku Connect that does exactly what they were going to custom build for us. The benefit of going with this Saleforce product is that it will be maintained directly by Salesforce. Although we will be charged an annual fee to go with this solution, over a five year period the cost for this solution is on par with what we would pay OMBU to keep our custom solution working. We have made the decision to move forward with Heroku Connect and are working on the final contract now and should have it signed by the end of the month.

Project Timeline

With a project manager change, a delay in our CRM Phase, and our rejection of the initial Home Page comps, the project schedule is getting a little behind. We have impressed upon OMBU the vital importance of having our Class Registration fully operational by the time BCEP 2018 registration is ready to get underway. They are aware of this very important deadline and will be presenting us with a revised schedule on June 27. It is possible we may need to launch the project in two phases, with Class Registration coming online a little earlier than Activities Registration. We will know more by next week.



June 1—Update from Sarah

Sprint 9

Sprint 9 is one of the smaller sprints we have reviewed. This sprint largely focused on Mazama Badges and how they would be displayed on the website and mobile site. In addition, this sprint also contained a workup of the “Who We Are” section of the new site. On this page we will have the ability to highlight the people that make up the Mazamas—our board, staff, activity leaders, instructors. This will be a great new feature on our website.

We had very little feedback on this sprint and it accepted it as is.

Visual Design

We had a very productive meeting with OMBU on May 18 regarding our feedback on the Home Page comps. Our feedback centered around the fact that all along we have felt that the wireframes were right on target with regards to the look and feel we were hoping to have for our site. We left the meeting with the Mazamas agreeing to go through the wireframes and to send OMBU additional photos and suggestions of where they should go in the wireframes. OMBU would then take the original wireframes, add in new photos and the colors from the mood board palette, and present us with a new Visual Design. The new comps are due on June 7.

Data Migration

The first round of data migration was completed in mid-May. Peter and I went through a checklist to determine if the data from the data migration templates had been migrated correctly into the Salesforce CRM. Overall the data migration was pretty clean, but there were a few problems with the data. We reported our findings to OMBU and they will be working to revise their data migration scripts and redo the data migration to test the new scripts.

CRM Acceptance

We are still working through a few minor issues that are holding up CRM Acceptance. We are hoping to sign off on the CRM in the next two weeks.