June 1—Update from Sarah

Sprint 9

Sprint 9 is one of the smaller sprints we have reviewed. This sprint largely focused on Mazama Badges and how they would be displayed on the website and mobile site. In addition, this sprint also contained a workup of the “Who We Are” section of the new site. On this page we will have the ability to highlight the people that make up the Mazamas—our board, staff, activity leaders, instructors. This will be a great new feature on our website.

We had very little feedback on this sprint and it accepted it as is.

Visual Design

We had a very productive meeting with OMBU on May 18 regarding our feedback on the Home Page comps. Our feedback centered around the fact that all along we have felt that the wireframes were right on target with regards to the look and feel we were hoping to have for our site. We left the meeting with the Mazamas agreeing to go through the wireframes and to send OMBU additional photos and suggestions of where they should go in the wireframes. OMBU would then take the original wireframes, add in new photos and the colors from the mood board palette, and present us with a new Visual Design. The new comps are due on June 7.

Data Migration

The first round of data migration was completed in mid-May. Peter and I went through a checklist to determine if the data from the data migration templates had been migrated correctly into the Salesforce CRM. Overall the data migration was pretty clean, but there were a few problems with the data. We reported our findings to OMBU and they will be working to revise their data migration scripts and redo the data migration to test the new scripts.

CRM Acceptance

We are still working through a few minor issues that are holding up CRM Acceptance. We are hoping to sign off on the CRM in the next two weeks.

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