June 16—Update from Sarah

It has been a very busy couple of weeks, and we are thrilled to be making some major progress on the project.

CRM, Data Migration, and Home Page Design

We have instituted a new sign off policy so that all phases must be signed off by the Mazamas and OMBU. These three key phases were completed on June 9.

  • OMBU completed the minor tweaks that were needed for the Mazamas to sign off on the CRM Phase. CRM Phase is now complete.
  • OMBU completed a second data migration to test the new scripts. This data migration was 90% accurate and we signed off on the Data Migration with several defects noted that will be fixed on the next round of data migration. [Note: We will have three more rounds of data migration prior to launch]
  • The Mazamas reviewed and signed off on the second version of the Home Page comps. This allows work to proceed on finalizing the home page design and beginning the process of designing the internal pages.

Heroku Connect: How our Salesforce CRM will sync with our website

When we had initially scoped our project, OMBU was going to build a custom tool that would sync our CRM with our website. At the time this custom solution was our best option, and although somewhat expensive to build and maintain. However, over the last few months OMBU became aware of a Salesforce product called Heroku Connect that does exactly what they were going to custom build for us. The benefit of going with this Saleforce product is that it will be maintained directly by Salesforce. Although we will be charged an annual fee to go with this solution, over a five year period the cost for this solution is on par with what we would pay OMBU to keep our custom solution working. We have made the decision to move forward with Heroku Connect and are working on the final contract now and should have it signed by the end of the month.

Project Timeline

With a project manager change, a delay in our CRM Phase, and our rejection of the initial Home Page comps, the project schedule is getting a little behind. We have impressed upon OMBU the vital importance of having our Class Registration fully operational by the time BCEP 2018 registration is ready to get underway. They are aware of this very important deadline and will be presenting us with a revised schedule on June 27. It is possible we may need to launch the project in two phases, with Class Registration coming online a little earlier than Activities Registration. We will know more by next week.



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