A New Way of Doing (Almost) Everything is Coming Soon!

by Sarah Bradham, Mazamas Director of Marketing & Communication

We have completed the build of the new database (CRM) that will power the new website experience, completed our first round of data migration (importing data into the new system), and signed off on the new home page design. This project update provides you with a high-level timeline as well as details on some of the new website features that we will all be able to utilize starting in early 2018. At the end of the climbing season, you should start rounding up any old climb cards, because we will not be using them in 2018!


Your new Mazama website experience has been completely redesigned for simplicity. Four main navigation options on the home page align with what we do at the Mazamas: Education, Activities, Community, and Get Involved. Subnavigation on the homage page will lead you directly to other important topics, such as Volunteer, Membership Info, About Us, Calendar and Search.

Full Event & Activity List

All activities and events at the Mazamas will be viewable in one location and will be easily searchable. Interested in climbing Mt. Hood in June? You can search for that. How about going on a hike in the Gorge in July with kids? You can search for that too. Our homepage will have a short list of upcoming events, and you’ll be able to dive into a full list of opportunities with one click.


A robust search feature will allow you to quickly and easily search the entire Mazama website and see your results sorted by topic, such as: Education, Activities, Volunteer Opportunities, and more.

Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering with the Mazamas? On our new site you’ll have the ability to add your volunteer interests and skills to your personal profile. You can then explore the volunteer opportunities available and sign up for volunteer shifts through the website. You can record your volunteer hours. The best part? We’ll be able to tally up all of the hours Mazama volunteers are donating to the organization AND recognize you for your contribution. Participant Profile All Mazama Members and anyone who participates in a Mazama activity can create a participant profile. This profile will include basic information such as contact information, but will also contain more detailed information—think the types of things you currently include on a climb card or outings application—and the user will have the ability to customize what data is public and what data is private.

Mazama Badges

Mazama Badges are going to be a visual way for you to track and display your involvement with the Mazamas. From activtity badges to skill badges to award badges, you’ll be able to earn badges for just about anything you do at the Mazamas! Badges will not only allow you to track what you do with the Mazamas, but they will also unlock opportunities for you within the Mazamas. For example, a certain climb might require a certain skill badge. If you have the badge, you’ll be able to apply for the climb. If you don’t have the skill badge, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for the badge.

Activity Registration

NO MORE CLIMB CARDS!!! You will sign up for all Mazamas classes and activities through the Mazama website. You’ll complete your Mazama profile so that all required data for a class or activity is already on file. When you are ready to apply for an activity, you be prompted to provide some activity specific information, but there’ll be no need to repeatedly enter your basic information, such as contact info, class history, and activity history into the system. Anything you do with the Mazamas will automatically be a part of your profile. AND, you’ll have the opportunity to enter relevant external training and activity history into your profile.

Activity Tracking

When you sign up for an activity—a class, climb, hike, outing, etc …—you’ll be able to see your status in your online profile. If you are accepted, you will receive all the relevant information through links on your personal profile. Once you complete the activity, your status in that activity will be recorded on your profile.

July 12, 2017 Update from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We have completed Phase 2 Website UX Visual Design.  In general, Mazamas stakeholders are very satisfied about the final Website UX wireframes and visual design. OMBU engineers are now implementing Phase 2 web software based on the visual design. Target completion date is late September.

We also kick-started the Phase 3 “Activity and Course” UX Visual Design work this week. OMBU proposed the initial UX design for BCEP and the feedback from Mazamas stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive!! We are definitely having a great start for the UX Visual Design work.

After multiple sessions to discuss the IT project schedule issues with OMBU, they proposed a new schedule to meet the Mazamas Jan 2018 launch date.  Some features (including Volunteer Registration, Notification, and Search) will be delayed to April 2018 in order to meet the tight timeline. The initial launch focus will be supporting BCEP Registration. It is imperative to hit this deadline in order to ensure online BCEP Registration for 2018 to fully test the system. BCEP will provide a real-world stress test on the system and allow us to find any bugs that made it through the Q&A process.

Even though the new schedule is more realistic than the old one, we are still concerned about the tight schedule and limited quality assurance resources from OMBU.  We will continue to work with OMBU to address these schedule issues.