July 12, 2017 Update from Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We have completed Phase 2 Website UX Visual Design.  In general, Mazamas stakeholders are very satisfied about the final Website UX wireframes and visual design. OMBU engineers are now implementing Phase 2 web software based on the visual design. Target completion date is late September.

We also kick-started the Phase 3 “Activity and Course” UX Visual Design work this week. OMBU proposed the initial UX design for BCEP and the feedback from Mazamas stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive!! We are definitely having a great start for the UX Visual Design work.

After multiple sessions to discuss the IT project schedule issues with OMBU, they proposed a new schedule to meet the Mazamas Jan 2018 launch date.  Some features (including Volunteer Registration, Notification, and Search) will be delayed to April 2018 in order to meet the tight timeline. The initial launch focus will be supporting BCEP Registration. It is imperative to hit this deadline in order to ensure online BCEP Registration for 2018 to fully test the system. BCEP will provide a real-world stress test on the system and allow us to find any bugs that made it through the Q&A process.

Even though the new schedule is more realistic than the old one, we are still concerned about the tight schedule and limited quality assurance resources from OMBU.  We will continue to work with OMBU to address these schedule issues.

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