Sept 13, 2017 Update From Peter







by: Peter Tung, IT Project Manager, Encore SVP Fellow

We made good progress in both Website implementation and Ux Visual Design.

For the website implementation, we completed Phase 2 Implementation Sprint 1-4 and validated the following key features:

  • Administrators login into the website, open the admin panel, upload content, customize the menu and navigation, edit the kitchen sink page, manage contacts, configure the donation page, edit the home page, “education landing” page, and “who we are” page.
  • A site visitor can create a user account, view the home page, “education landing” page, “who we are” page, make a donation to Mazamas, join Mazamas as a member.
  • All website information syncs to the Salesforce.

We identified and reported some problems back to OMBU.  One major issue is some features would stop working overtime due to some Salesforce API expiration issue.  OMBU has already root-caused the issue and delivering a fix this week.

On the visual design front, we made excellent progress on Phase 3 “Activity and Course” UX Visual Design work.  This week, OMBU completed and presented the Ux Visual Design of the following features:

    • Scheduling and Approving Activities
    • Post Activity Reporting
    • Withdraw / Cancellation of Activities

Also, we had a group Calendar White-boarding with OMBU to discuss “Calendar” vs. “List” view styles and what filters should be implemented.

In general, the key stakeholders in Mazamas are very happy about the Visual Design because it is easy to use and flexible for future  customization.