The IT Project has a team dedicated to seeing the project through the Build and Implementation Phases.

Sarah Bradham, Mazamas Marketing & Publications Manager

Peter Tung, Project Coordinator (SVP Encore Fellow: Learn more about the SVP Encore Fellows Program)

OMBU Web (Learn more about OMBU Web):
Martin Rio, Principal
Ryan Miglavs, Product Owner
John Glick, Senior Developer
Adam Page, User Experience Lead

How can you get involved?

Become a Project Ambassador: If you are excited about this project and willing to devote the time to staying up to date on this blog, then we want you to join our team. Contact Peter Tung if you want to become an ambassador.

Become an Early Adopter: As we move into beta-testing phase we are going to need a group of people who want to dive in and start testing and working within the system. Contact Peter Tung if you want to become an early adapter.