The Mazamas IT overhaul is a complex project with many parts and pieces. The project can be summed up with the following high level objectives. The project will be complete when these six objectives are achieved.

  1. A web application that members and the public can use to interact with the Mazamas programs and services
  2. A visually appealing, streamlined, and easy-to-use Mazama website that is designed primarily as a marketing piece for individuals who are not familiar with the Mazamas (the website is the primary method of new and prospective member interaction with the organization)
  3. Faceted searching on a robust online calendar that includes all events, activities, and classes
  4. Centralized data system that can be accessed anywhere (data includes, but is not limited to: members, nonmembers, organizations, activities, courses, events, donors, training, volunteers)
  5. Tools for administrators to engage with Mazama members, community members, and organizations
  6. Elimination of clunky, disconnected, online and paper processes